The Lutheran World Service (LWF) started working in Somalia in early 2017, in response to the severe drought in the region and in support of returning refugees from Dadaab camps in Kenya. The work include both returning refugees, internally displaced persons and local communities in and near Kismayu town. LWF is registered with the Government of Jubbaland as one of the Humanitarian Organizations. Currently LWF is working mainly in Education, including support schools with school feeding and water and sanitation facilities. The work in Somalia is mainly supported by members of the ACT Alliance.

LWF currently supports five primary schools in Kismayu town. The total number of learners who are attending these schools totals up to 7,265(B: 3,837 G: 3,428). With the support from it is donors, LWF established Jubaland Teacher Training college in its bid to improve the quality of teacher education. The college is now operating very well with vibrant faculty members and it has student population of 150 trainees as the first batch to be enrolled. LWF Somalia program supports girl-child education and it invest a lot in the enrolment and retention of girl child at school.  This is meant to protect girls from forced and early marriages. LWF is also involved in supporting child mothers, Parents with Children with Disabilities and out of school children.

LWF is planning to move out of Kismayu and start operation in the newly liberated areas of Qam Qam, Yontooy and Bulla Gaduud; all are in the outskirts of Kismayu town and are easily accessible. By August 2018 Temporary Learning Centres will be established, Teachers will be recruited and School feeding program will be initiated to promote education in those areas.


Latitude: -0.356046
Longitude: 42.546057