Child Protection

It is our duty and responsibility to make the children safe and happy

Kakuma Refugee Camp is home to more than 111,000 children, each of whom has a right to life, survival and development. As UNHCR’s lead implementing partner for Child Protection, LWF works with refugee children, families and communities to safeguard these rights by giving children access to information and opportunities to make decisions, by facilitating access to services that children need, and by helping adults understand the laws in place to protect children and the reason for them.

In Ali Addeh and Holl-Holl Refugee Camps in Djibouti, LWF’s teams are building understanding in the community that all children have an equal right to health, education, safety and play, and finding ways to help marginalised children access these - girls and boys, unaccompanied children and those with disabilities. Refugee camps present children with many challenges, and protecting children presents a challenging task. LWF is working with communities in and around these camps to build safe environments that ensure children can live, survive and develop into strong, healthy adults.

LWF's Child Protection programs are tailored to put the interest of the child first, in line with the laws of Kenya as stipulated in the Children's Act and the United Nations Convention on Rights of Children.