Community Peace and Self Management

Community Peace and Self Management

The goal of the Peace sector is social transformation of the refugees and host community to embrace peace and reconciliation. LWF pursues this goal through three dimensions of peace building;

The Personal dimension - LWF focuses on changes at the individual level though peace education programs in schools targeting young people and in the community targeting the community members’ especially new arrivals. The peace education program aims at equipping the target groups with skills and knowledge that changes their negative attitudes and behaviors that promote violence to positive attitudes and behaviors that promote peace and reconciliation.

The Relational dimension - LWF focuses on reconciliation, forgiveness, trust building, and future imagining through peace forums, meetings, conferences, case management which promote repair and transformation of damaged relationships during conflicts. These improve their communication relationship and perception about each other with the aim of achieving positive and enduring peace and harmony.

The Structural dimension - LWF focuses on capacity building and strengthening of community based structures to viable democratic structures that embrace good governance, encourage respect for human rights and peace-enduring attitudes. LWF work closely with community based structures like community leaders (refugees & host), Peace committees, Community Peace and protection Team (CPPT), youth peace parliament and peace clubs. The members of these structures undergo trainings on good governance and leadership, peace building and conflict management, community policing and human rights, diversity management and democracy and they are democratically elected by the communities.


International Peace Day 2018

The International Day of Peace provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to undertake in acts of peace and kindness. People across the globe engage in diverse and meaningful ways from moments of silence, attending peace education events and writing peace poetry to attending peace matches, yoga and meditation.

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