The program has been active in northwest Kenya in the Kakuma Refugee Camp (Reception Center Management, Education, Community Services, Child Protection and Peace and Protection) since the camp was established in 1992.

Assistance to refugees
LWF Kenya & Somalia

We have been active in northwest Kenya in the Kakuma Refugee Camp since the camp was established in 1992. In Turkana West district, the program has been implementing host community projects since December 1999. In 2008, the UNHCR invited us to start operations in Dadaab Refugee Camps. In 2017 the program opened an office in Kismayu, Somalia, responding to the drought and in support of Internally Displaced, local populations and Somali refugees returning home.

Our Projects

Our Vision

We are motivated by the vision that is in the heart of every displaced person:

  • of going back to their country of origin or resettling in a peaceful, stable  community
  • of living in dignity and with protection of their human rights ensured
  • of  children completing school and families thriving
  • of bringing their talents and capacities to the development of their community and country
Our Mission

Inspired by God’s love for humanity, the LWF World Service responds to and challenges the causes and consequences of human suffering and poverty.

Our Core Values

Dignity and justice.

Compassion and commitment.

Respect for diversity.

Inclusion and participation.

Transparency and accountability.


Our Approach

Our commitment to human rights defines our program approach, which sees affected populations as rights holders – not recipients of charity. It involves building awareness of human rights at all levels in the communities where we work.

We focus on community empowerment, understanding that people want to steer and manage their lives. They already have vital skills, knowledge and traditions. We engage with communities in ways that release and build on these capacities.

In all areas of intervention, we aim to strengthen community participation, networks and structures to create lasting solutions which benefit the community as a whole. We partner with local community-based organizations and as they develop support their direct role in program implementation and delivery.

Armed conflicts, natural disasters, displacement and life in a refugee camp often cause stress and trauma. Aside from the obvious need for food and water, shelter and medical care we recognize that the psychosocial and social impact of conflict should be addressed in a cross-cutting approach.

The Numbers

Dadaab,Kakuma & Kismayu
Assisted and supported
263 National Staff and 2 international staff, plus 1,701 Incentive staff, 1 intern
The program was established in 1972.

Commitment to Accountability

Humanitarian standards guide our work

We follow strict transparency and ethical standards in our work.

Learn more about them and our complaint mechanism.

LWF Kenya Somalia Annual Report 2022



LWF Kenya-Somalia

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LWF Kenya - Somalia is a country program of the Lutheran World Federation's Department for World Service.

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Dadaab Aid Agencies Camp

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Ali Adde

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