Alemsahay (centre) with her new certificate, awarded by Dr. Nyamwaya (right), the Pro Chancellor of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

“My dream of being role model for my three daughters has finally come to pass", says Alemsahay with a big suggestive and confident smile. “You know my first born in grade 8 at wadajir primary school in Ali –Addeh refugees camp has already set his mind focused on becoming a graduate in the next 5 years to beat me".

Alemsahay first came to Ali Addeh refugee camp in 1992, aged 17 years old, just completed grade 12 and not married.  Later she met and got married to her husband in the same camp. “I joined LWF as pre-school teacher in 2011; the year I believe opened the door for me for this great opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge in the teaching profession".  She comments and continues, "being a teacher was the turning point in my life, an opportunity that has propelled me to where I am today,” she explains.

Alemsahay was one of the teachers who recently pursued a Diploma Teachers certificate course through Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology with support from LWF Kenya-Djibouti programme co-funded by UNICEF and Church of Sweden/Sida.

She feels now confident and stronger. “Thanks LWF for giving me the opportunity to be confident to set up a private school for helping the vulnerable refugee mothers like me. At the beginning, at the onset of the course, I wasn’t very sure I will make it. The content that ran in English appeared complex and loaded but I believe my persistent efforts with support from God have made me thrive. What fuelled my resolve further was the hope my three daughters had in me to struggle and succeed in life so that I can be their role model and provide for their immediate and long term needs in their journey to securing their future.

Alemsahay also believes that education helps and facilitates women take advantage of opportunities that could benefit them and their families, preparing them competitively for the labour market and helping them understand their legal and reproductive rights.

After successful completion of her course, Alemsahay, began saving money to construct her first classroom in her compound to help the mothers in her section to learn, because she is sure that learned woman are the key to development for the community and bring peace to the world full of conflict.

“Everyone is intelligent and has the potential to learn. Thank you LWF for believing in me, walking with me and helping make my dream come true” concludes Alemsahay.