Launch Of New Child Safeguarding Project Spells Hope For Kakuma Community

Mr Lumumba Ramadhani giving his remarks during the project launch

In August 2022, LWF Kakuma office staff and representatives from the Kakuma refugee camp got together to celebrate the launch of the Education and Safeguarding for Refugee Children program, which is part of the child protection portfolio.

Community members present expressed optimism about the project’s efforts to improve children's safety through providing access to high-quality and inclusive education. “I am so much excited to attend this project launch because investing in our children's education and general wellbeing is investing in the prosperity of our community.” remarked Mr. Lumumba Ramadhani, a member of the Board of Management, Lokitaung Primary school.

While speaking during the event, Carolyne Wainaina, the Kakuma Area Manager, reiterated LWF’s commitment in protecting the interest of children and thanked The  Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) for supporting the transformative initiative. "We are really grateful to PRM for entrusting us with the duty of implementing this new project that seeks to promote the wellbeing of children. This is a unique chance for us to test collaborative strategies and deliver success. The fate of an entire generation has been put in our hands" She mentioned.

Education is a fundamental right that is essential for restoring hope and dignity to those who have been displaced from their homes and is therefore very crucial intervention in emergency situations. LWF works with refugee children, families, and communities to defend these rights by giving children access to information and decision-making opportunities, easing access to resources, and helping adults understand the laws in place to protect children.