Our projects for people with disabilities

Services provided at the Rehabilitation Centres and at Social Offices

Whenever a PWD or an older person visits the Rehabilitation Centre or social Field Office registration is done. This entails capturing the names of the individual, type of vulnerability or disability, family set up, occupation, residence and any other specialized assistance that the individual has received. Vulnerability and/or disability assessment and screening is then carried out and internal referrals made to access services such as physiotherapy, psychosocial support, occupational therapy, postural management, technical aid or provision of assistive and mobility devices.

PWDs and older persons who are most vulnerable such as the bedridden clients are provided with material support - mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, bed sheets, hygiene kits and physiotherapy kits to promote their wellbeing and improve their living conditions in the camps . Other NFIs such as shelter and wash services are provided to PWDs and older person through interagency referrals. Psychosocial support services are provided to clients after screening has been done by the Psychosocial Counsellor and mental health staffs.

Social and psychosocial services to older persons of concern and persons of concern with psychosocial needs are accessible at LWF Social Offices in all the 4 camps in Dadaab i.e. Hagadera, Dagahaley, IFO 1 and IFO 2. PWDs on the other hand access rehabilitation services at the Rehabilitation Centre in Hagadera camp.