Annual Status of Education Report Assessment (ASER) TOR

Lutheran World Federation/World Service (LWF/WS) is a faith-based humanitarian International Nongovernmental Organization operating programmes in emergency relief, rehabilitation and development in 32 countries across the world. In Kenya, LWF/WS works through its Kenya-Djibouti-Somalia program with operational field Area programmes in Kakuma, Dadaab, Djibouti and Kismayo. LWF is UNHCR’s lead partner in implementation of community services, child protection, basic education, youth development, peace building, community safety, livelihoods and social accountability to support refugees in Dadaab. LWF manages pre-primary and primary education in Hagadera, Ifo and Dagahaley camps. The programme comprises of 22 schools with a population of 41,572(23392 Boys, 18180 Girls)1 learners. The overall goal is to provide access to inclusive quality education for refugee children in a friendly, age appropriate, safe and protective environment. All the children in the schools in the refugee camps study the validated Kenya curricular; 8-4-4 and CBC.